On June 8, WEF hosted a webcast entitled, “Working with the Market for Green Stormwater Infrastructure.” The webcast summarized highlights from a new report “Economic Instruments to Support Investment in Green Stormwater Infrastructure” released in April by Storm and Stream Solutions LLC and Willamette Partnership, in collaboration with the WEF Stormwater Institute. The development of this report included an interactive two-day workshop with over 40 professionals from the stormwater, water quality trading and environmental markets sectors. The report is designed to help communities leverage market forces to spur cost effective implementation of green stormwater infrastructure and utilize new sources of investment, especially in the context of challenging scenarios, such as implementing stormwater retrofits and enabling investments on private parcels. The webcast explored a suite of policy tools, known as “economic instruments,” that recognize and deliberately work within the market. Speakers focused on specific examples including incentive, rebate programs, trading, and mitigation programs, along with policy barriers and opportunities to widespread implementation of these approaches. Speakers included:

  • Carrie Sanneman, Clean Water Program Manager, Willamette Partnership,
  • Seth Brown, P.E., Principal/Founder, Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC,
  • Janet Clements, Senior Water Resource Economist, Corona Environmental Consulting, LLC,
  • Ken Susilo, P.E., CPSWQ, Senior Principal Water Resources Engineer, Geosyntec Consultants, and
  • Sandra K. Ralston (Moderator), Principal, Consensus LLC

To view the presentations, see https://www.wef.org/globalassets/assets-wef/3—resources/online-education/webcasts/partnered-and-public-service/presentation-handouts/presentation-handouts—working-with-the-market-for-green-stormwater-infrastructure-6-8-17.pdf.