NGICP Certification Council

The NGICP Certification Council (previously called Governing Body) is charged with setting up the program governance for the NGICP.
Members will serve on the council for approximately 12 months. At that time, the transition to the permanent NGICP Certification Council will occur.

NGICP Certification Council objectives

  • Develop the governance model for the certification program
  • Develop the policies and procedures for the NGICP
  • Establish the purpose, scope, and authority of the Certification Board
  • Determine the eligibility requirements for candidates, including the recertification/renewal requirements
  • Establish the application process
  • Establish the code of ethics and determine the discipline, complaints, and appeals policies
  • Develop the exam administration processes, addressing ADA accommodations and exam security policies
  • Review and approve the Policies & Procedures, Quality, and Candidate handbooks
  • Review and approve the final deliverables from the other work groups

NGICP Certification Council members

  • Alan Vicory, Principal, Stantec, Florida
  • Bart Jones, Principal Consultant, Barton Jones, LLC, Florida
  • Carlton Ray, Director, DC Water DC Clean Rivers Project, District of Columbia
  • Geoff Brosseau, Executive Director, California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA), California
  • Jeanette Brown, Research Assistant Professor, Manhattan College, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, New York
  • Jennifer Wigal, Water Quality Program Manager, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Oregon
  • Marsha Slaughter, (retired as of July 1, 2016) former Utilities Director, City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Sandra Ralston, Principal and Founder, Consensus, LLC, South Carolina

The structure of NGICP also includes a Technical Advisory Group to oversee the development of the program’s technical components and a Strategic Advisory Group to develop the program’s vision.