NGICP Certification Council

The NGICP Certification Council  is charged with setting up the program governance for the NGICP.

NGICP Certification Council objectives

  • Develop the governance model for the certification program
  • Develop the policies and procedures for the NGICP
  • Establish the purpose, scope, and authority of the Certification Board
  • Determine the eligibility requirements for candidates, including the recertification/renewal requirements
  • Establish the application process
  • Establish the code of ethics and determine the discipline, complaints, and appeals policies
  • Develop the exam administration processes, addressing ADA accommodations and exam security policies
  • Review and approve the Policies & Procedures, Quality, and Candidate handbooks
  • Review and approve the final deliverables from the other work groups

NGICP Certification Council members

  • Anthony Corso, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Peoria, Illinois
  • Carlton Ray, Director, DC Water DC Clean Rivers Project, District of Columbia
  • Christopher Hall, Assistant Superintendent, Watershed Operations Division, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Doug Siglin, Executive Director, Anacostia Waterfront Trust, District of Columbia
  • Jeanette Brown, Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Manhattan College, New York
  • Jennifer Wigal, Water Quality Program Manager, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Oregon
  • Pinar Balci, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Environmental Planning and Analysis, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, New York
  • Ruari Egan, Engineer, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Pennsylvania
  • Rudy Chow, Director, Baltimore Department of Public Works, Maryland
  • Sandra Ralston, Principal and Founder, Consensus, LLC, South Carolina

The structure of NGICP also includes a Technical Advisory Group to oversee the development of the program’s technical components and a Strategic Advisory Group to develop the program’s vision.