The development of the NGICP is underway now. The program will create a certification pathway for construction, inspection, and maintenance workers.

Housed under the WEF Stormwater Institute (SWI) — a center of excellence that provides national leadership for sustainable stormwater management — NGICP’s primary objectives are to:

  • Provide a pool of skilled workers to construct, inspect, and maintain GI to support the long-term performance of these systems
  • Support regional efforts to catalyze sustainable employment within communities and career opportunities with livable wages through GI investments.

While NGICP is being created primarily to support GI installers and maintainers, it also offers benefits to utilities who want to take advantage of GI’s ability to control stormwater pollution as well as trainers who seek to provide GI knowledge to their students.

For Applicants

Applicants can learn about the types and advantages of using GI, find information on what certification entails, and get materials to begin their path toward certification.

For Utilities

Utilities can learn more about how GI can help their communities handle stormwater challenges as well as find opportunities to become involved in the NGICP.

For Trainers

Learn more about the availability of Train-the-Trainer programs that will ensure the quality and consistency of NGICP trainers as the program grows.