What is the certification process?

The sections below describe how the certification process works.

Participate in a GI construction, inspection and maintenance training course and study



Applicants for the NGICP certification exam are required to complete a NGICP exam training course provided by an approved trainer.  ECI is currently working with partners and our community of trainers to identify training opportunities to address the training requirement to coincide with the exam schedule.

Registrations for available exam trainings and exam administrations are noted on the events calendar. Additional options will be added as and when confirmed.


Meet the NGICP eligibility requirements


NGICP certification requires a high school diploma or equivalent and completion a GI training course.  Detailed information is provided in the below sections.

Submit a certification application and fees


The certification application fee is $125.  Submit the NGICP application at: NGICP Certification Application

Questions regarding exam registration can be directed to wecare@envirocert.org

Read, understand and agree to abide by the NGICP Code of Conduct.


Pledging to abide by the Code of Conduct is an essential piece of the certification process as it assures that a certificant agrees to uphold the highest standards of personal and professional behavior.  The Code of Conduct is included in the application.

Take the NGICP certification exam and receive a passing grade


Individual exam scores will be reported within 30 days to each candidate by hard copy letter mailed to the address on record and a scan of the letter sent via e-mail.

What to expect on exam day

The GI examination is given online through testing sites sponsored by ECI and partner organizations.


Candidates must have a government-issued form of photo identification for admission to the testing site.


Exam candidates may only bring two No. 2 pencils into the exam with them.  All cell phones must be turned off and stowed within a zipped or secured bag kept at the front of the exam room in full view of all exam candidates for the duration of the exam.  Cellphones and other electronic devices must be stowed prior to entrance at the exam site and are not permitted for use during the testing.  Any participant found with a cell phone or electronic device in use during the exam will be required to turn in their exam, leave the testing site, and forfeit their exam fee.

No one is allowed to bring any paper or books or calculators or any other materials into the exam.  At the end of the exam, each candidate is required to turn over all materials on their desks except for the two pencils that they entered with.

NGICP testing sites and proctors follow security protocols to ensure the integrity of the certification program and protect the confidentiality of exam materials and content.


Individual exam scores will be reported within 30 days to each candidate by hard copy letter mailed to the address on record and a scan of the letter sent via e-mail. Candidates who fail the exam will receive information of their performance as compared to the passing standard.


A criterion-referenced standard setting process is used to establish the passing point for each exam.  This means that each candidate’s performance on the exam is measured against a predetermined standard.  Candidates are not graded on a curve and do not compete against each other or against a quota.  Receiving a higher than passing score is not an indication of more advanced knowledge or a predictor of better job performance.  All individuals who pass the exam, regardless of their score, have demonstrated an acceptable level of knowledge.


The names of individuals who have earned the GI certification are not considered confidential. NGICP will publish the names of individuals who have passed the GI certification examination in the Directory of Certified Green Infrastructure individuals.  The directory includes the certified individual’s first name, last name, city, state, ID number, and certification status.  A certificant may opt out of the directory.


NGICP issues a non-transferable certificate only to individuals found to meet all certification requirements.  No other factors shall be used to determine an individual’s qualification to earn the certificate.  The certificate will also include: the certificant’s name, ID number, title of certification, scope of certification, certification issuer (NGICP), and the signature of the NGICP Council Chair.


Candidates who did not successfully pass the examination must wait a minimum of 120 days from the date of their most recent exam to apply to retest.  Candidates must continue to meet the published eligibility criteria, submit the required application, and pay the corresponding fees in order to retake the exam.


Occasionally, testing irregularities occur that affect an individual or a group of test takers.  Such problems include, without limitation, administrative errors, defective equipment or materials, improper access to test content and/or the unauthorized general availability of test content, as well as, other disruptions of test administrations (for example, natural disasters and other emergencies).  Typical testing irregularities will be investigated and resolved by the ECI, in conjunction with the test site representative. Significant irregularities will be escalated to the attention of ECI.  ECI may direct either not to score a test or to cancel test scores based on the irregularity.


Exam administrations may be canceled and rescheduled due to inclement weather or where the government has declared a local state of emergency for the time period including the scheduled exam time or during the 24 hours immediately preceding the exam time.  Determination of weather will be based upon local authorities such as public school boards or weather advisories issued by the National Weather Service for the area in which the exam will be administered.


An individual may request reconsideration of an adverse non-disciplinary decision made as part of the exam eligibility, exam testing, and recertification processes.  The types of items that fall into this policy may include: being deemed ineligible to take an exam, concerns about an unsuccessful exam result, a test site issue, a medical or personal emergency, or denial of the recertification application.

To request a reconsideration of a decision, submit the request in writing to the Melissa McKinney, Certification Director, via e-mail at wecare@envirocert.org within 30 days of the date on the letter or e-mail stating the original decision.  The written request must include the:

  • Date of the decision
  • Details of the situation and circumstances
  • Reason for the request for reconsideration
  • Relevant materials for the request for reconsideration
  • Individual’s contact information (e-mail, phone number, address)

Once your request has been received, it will be entered into the Request for Consideration Log.  Then a representative of the ECI, who may be a staff member or Council member, will review the request within 10 days of receipt and notify the candidate within 30 days of the review.  The determination of the ECI on the matter is considered final.

Meet the renewal requirements


To maintain GI certification, all certified individuals are required to renew every one (1) year, at which time a certified professional must document participation in a minimum of 7 contact hours of continuing education training in topics directly related to constructing, inspecting or maintaining green infrastructure during each one (1) year certification cycle.  The renewal application can be found here.