Why get certified?

iStock_000025060824_Large_webThe simple answer is that certification helps you remain competitive in the GI workforce.

Owners, employers, and contractors are taking additional steps to ensure that they are hiring or working with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the field of GI.

The NGICP certification offers employers a way to identify individuals who have adequate job knowledge, skills and abilities to build, inspect and maintain GI systems.

Every profession requires specialized skills. Not every employer knows that you have those skills. In short, certification is an investment in your career, your livelihood and your future.

The benefits of becoming certified by the NGICP include:

  • Expansion of your skills and knowledge of building, inspecting and maintaining GI systems
  • Greater awareness of GI career opportunities
  • Proof of your commitment to supporting sustainable performance of GI practices
  • Exposure to employers looking to hire skilled GI workers through the NGICP Certification Database