The Water Environment Federation invites you to become a trainer in the National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP).  Help meet the certification training needs of NGICP partners and training sites, or develop your own licensed, training program, through this Train-the-Trainer opportunity.

Support certification as an NGICP-approved trainer

  • National certification creates a long-term pathway for living wage jobs across the United States.
  • National certification promotes GI as an environmental and economical strategy for stormwater management.
  • National certification supports the development of proficient green workforces.
  • All approved trainers will be listed in the trainer directory.

Trainer Directory

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Trainer Qualifications:

All NGICP approved trainers must possess two of the following three qualifications:

  • Minimum of a bachelor of science degree in water resource management or environmental science
  • Minimum 35 hours of experience as a trainer for hands-on, adult learning courses
  • Direct experience in stormwater green infrastructure (GI) construction, inspection, or maintenance

Course Details:

The NGICP Trainer course covers a broad range of topics to prepare you as an NGICP approved trainer:

  • NGICP curriculum, slides, interactive activities, field visits, etc.;
  • NGICP policies and procedures;
  • NGICP exam structure, format, blueprint;
  • Basics of adult learning; and
  • Lessons learned from previous training to help candidates successfully pass the NGICP exam.


  • The cost of this training is $1500. This gives you access to the course material and training curriculum (Lunch is included in the course fee).

PLEASE NOTE: In order to provide the training to your audience, a training license must be purchased from the Water Environment Federation. The cost of the training license is $7500 and due prior to any training you conduct. The license will detail your obligations as an NGICP-approved trainer. Please contact if you are interested in acquiring a training license.

The cost of the workshop and the training license will be deducted from the NGICP Partnership Package costs in 2018.

FUTURE WORKSHOPS (further details to be announced)

August 2018 Tennessee

To learn more:

For questions regarding the Train-the-Trainer workshop, please contact Eddie Gonzalez at or 703-684-2400, x 7739, or Claudio Ternieden at or 703-684-2416.

Learn more about NGICP via the program FAQ.