For Utilities

Why participate in the NGICP?

NGICP is being built by a coalition of stormwater leaders from across the country. These program founders welcome your input to help them design a flexible program that can meet the needs of a wide variety of different GI programs.

The NGICP components include:

  • A robust certification program governance structure (oversight body, program policies, and procedures)
  • A national job analysis that defines the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by individual workers for GI construction, inspection, and maintenance
  • A library/body of knowledge assembled to specifically provide resources to support the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by GI construction, inspection, and maintenance workers
  • A national curriculum developed to support the transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities to GI construction, inspection, and maintenance workers
  • A set of training slides and speaker notes that support the national curriculum
  • The certification exam after the national program rollout occurs

Utilities interested in NGICP Collaboration or Partnering

The NGICP is currently in beta with an anticipated January 2018 national rollout. Those organizations interested in future partnering or collaboration opportunities with NGICP are welcome to send an email of interest to


Opportunities for involvement

  • Input to the NGICP Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) to help in developing the program’s vision
  • The opportunity to have local candidates apply for certification after the NGICP national rollout occurs
  • The ability to nominate subject matter experts to participate in future updates of the body of knowledge, curriculum, and job task analysis
  • Other opportunities through the WEF Stormwater Institute