Program Governance

NGICP Governance has established three permanent bodies to govern all aspects of the NGICP to deliver the Green Infrastructure Practioner (GIP) certification. They are:


Strategic Advisory Council (SAC)

  • Reports to the WEF Board
  • Oversees the business strategy and scheme strategy
  • Responsibilities include business strategy, promotion, advocacy, fiduciary and fundraising
  • SAC members can serve on WEF Board and cannot serve on the certification council or technical advisory groups or other scheme activities
  • Staff Liaison: Director, NGICP

Certification Committee (CC)

  • Reports to the SAC
  • Oversees scheme strategy
  • Responsibilities that include maintenance of the certification scheme and to develop and maintain valid, legally defensible, and credible certification examinations in accordance with the latest approved policies and procedures
  • CC members can serve on the TAG and cannot serve on the SAC or WEF Board
  • Staff Liaison: Certification Manager, NGICP

Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

  • Reports to the CC and functions as a subcommittee to the CC
  • Oversees the technical components of the program
  • Responsible for certification scheme tasks assigned by the CC, such as development and maintenance of certification testing
  • TAG members can serve on the CC and cannot serve on the SAG or WEF Board
  • Staff Liaison: Program Manager, NGICP