Louisville MSD

MSD_floatThe Louisville/Jefferson County Sewer District (Louisville MSD) protects our community’s overall health and safety by providing clean waterways and by managing flood and drainage issues—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  More than 600 MSD employees serve 376 square-miles of the Louisville Metro area, 790 miles of streams, 130 miles of improved channels and 38 miles of Ohio River shoreline.

Louisville MSD treats 153 million gallons of wastewater every day at our five Water Quality Treatment Centers before releasing it back into our local waterways.  We further protect our waterways by monitoring for pollutants and removing illegal non-stormwater discharges, serving approximately 680,500 people.

Louisville MSD’s Flood Protection System protects more than 200,000 people, 87,000 homes and $24 billion in property throughout 110 square miles of Louisville Metro from Ohio River and inland flooding.

Green Infrastructure

MSD’s Green Infrastructure Program locates, builds or incentivizes opportunities for green installations.  This lessens the need and the cost of additional infrastructure like storage tanks, large pipes and treatment facilities.  It also means decreasing sewer overflows and treatment facility stress.

Just a few of these green infrastructure solutions are:
• Vegetated roofs
• Rain gardens and barrels
• Green roads and alleys
• Permeable pavement sidewalks and parking
• Bio-retention basins.

MSD offers partnership incentives for qualified green infrastructure projects, and Downspout Disconnection and Urban Reforestation programs.

Green Infrastructure Construction, Inspection and Maintenance Training

GI training on construction, inspection and maintenance will be offered.  When available, information will be provided on this webpage regarding local training eligibility, the application, planned training schedule and more.

Exam Information

The first NGICP exam will be administered in Louisville Metro.  Details on location(s) for the exam will be available here as soon as they are confirmed.  Please check back for updates.


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September 27, 2016