Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD)

Cincinnati logo floatingThe Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (known as MSD) protects public health and the environment through the safe and efficient collection and treatment of wastewater for most of Hamilton County, Ohio.

MSD’s service area encompasses 290+ square miles and serves a population of more than 850,000.  MSD maintains about 3,000 miles of sanitary and combined sewers and operates seven major wastewater treatment plants, more than 100 pump stations, two package treatment plants and several high-rate treatment facilities. About 180 million gallons of wastewater is treated daily.

Green Infrastructure 

MSD has been exploring, designing and implementing green solutions to manage rain water and reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) since 2009. To date, MSD is capturing about 120 million gallons of stormwater runoff annually during a typical year of rain (41 inches), based on design and watershed assumptions.. By the end of 2018, MSD will be capturing an estimated more than 1 billion gallons of stormwater annually.  Early on, MSD partnered with about 20 different public and private organizations across Hamilton County, Ohio to evaluate the effectiveness of Low Impact Development (LID) stormwater controls such as rain gardens, green roofs, pervious pavement, and rainwater harvesting.

With the need to remove large volumes of stormwater from our combined sewer system, MSD has recently focused on larger-scale green infrastructure such as bioswales, stream restoration and stormwater detention basins.  Much of this effort is focusing on the Lower Mill Creek watershed area, where MSD is required by a federal mandate to eliminate 1.78 billion gallons of CSOs by 2018.  As part of this effort, MSD negotiated with the U.S. EPA to approve a green solution instead of a deep underground CSO storage tunnel, at a savings of more than $200 million.  The nationally recognized Lick Run Project will remove about 500 million gallons of stormwater from the combined sewer system by the end of 2018. The primary feature is a mile-long engineered stream that will mimic a natural creek.


Green Infrastructure Construction, Inspection and Maintenance Training

MSD is now accepting applications for training! NGICP Certification Exam Prep sessions will be on Mondays and Fridays, September 8 – October 13, 8a-12p. Please contact for more information or view the training brochure.


Exam Information

The NGICP exam will be administered in Cincinnati in November 2017 to residents that complete the training referenced above.  Details on the location(s) for the exam will be available here as soon as they are confirmed.  Please check back for updates.


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March 27, 2017