Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)

MMSD-floatThe Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) protects public health, the environment, and Lake Michigan by providing water reclamation and flood management services for 1.1 million people in 28 communities in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Through planning and investing $4 billion in grey infrastructure, we’re capturing and cleaning an average of 98.3% annually, since 1994, of all the stormwater and wastewater that enters our regional sanitary system.


Green Infrastructure

We are bolstering grey with green infrastructure and a goal to create enough of it in the region, by 2035, to capture 740 million gallons of water every time it rains. To accomplish that task, one of our key goals is educating customers on why it’s important to “help manage water where it falls” with green infrastructure.

To date, MMSD has funded enough traditional green infrastructure (green roofs, bio swales, porous pavement, rain gardens, etc.) in the region to capture more than 21 million gallons of water when it rains. To help people see and understand what green infrastructure is all about, the district created a Green Luminary Award Program that showcases lasting good works with videos that connect people and prosperity to the environment.

Additionally, MMSD’s 3200 acres of Greenseams® properties can capture and store over 206 million gallons of water. Greenseams® purchases undeveloped land around rivers, lakes, and streams from willing sellers to reduce the risk of future flooding and water pollution. More than 100,000 trees have been planted on Greenseams® properties, which are protected with permanent conservation easements and open to the public for hiking, bird watching and passive recreation.


Green Infrastructure Construction, Inspection and Maintenance Training

The first round of training on GI construction, inspection and maintenance was held in Nov 2016 for the Dec 2016 exam.  The second round of training was held in April-May for the June 2017 exam.  Training for green infrastructure construction, inspection, and maintenance will be available again for eligible Milwaukee residents in Fall 2017 for the November 2017 exam.  Please contact Lisa Sasso at for information on current and future trainings.


Exam Information

The next NGICP exam will be administered in Milwaukee on November 14, 2017 to residents that complete the training referenced above.  Please contact Lisa Sasso at for information regarding the exam.


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August 24, 2016