List of certified individuals

This list does not include all Certified Professionals, In-Training and Certificates of Training due to privacy reasons or during certain update periods, so if you do not see the information or person you are searching, please contact ECI at

Directory of Certificants

First NameLast NameCityStateCountryCertification No.Effective Date
Wanderleia Washington DC United States 01563 August 25, 2022
Ingrid (Reiland) Pearson Pittsburgh PA United States 197 December 6, 2017
Jeremy Acton Saint Joseph MO Untied States 1525
John Adams Milford New Zealand 1019 March 25, 2020
Jessica Addison New Orleans LA United States 00506 May 31, 2019
Oluwatosin Adetutu Newark NJ United States 1182 December 7, 2020
John Ahern Atlanta Georgia United States 1149 October 7, 2020