List of certified individuals

Employers seeking to verify an applicant’s NGICP credential can use the directory below to look up a candidate. Employers can also request an official letter from NGICP documenting the current certification status of an individual by emailing¬†


Number of certified individuals

Certificants are required to complete 14 hours of professional development every two years to meet certification requirements.

Fulfilling Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for Recertification & PDH Opportunities


Directory of Certificants

First NameLast NameCityStateCountryCertification No.Effective Date
Kenneth Young Camp Spring MD United States 00278 April 25, 2018
Solomon Zacchini Arlington VA United States 00053 January 26, 2017
Yong Zhao Vaghan Ontario Canada 00879 January 7, 2020
Reza Zonnooz Kansas City MO United States 00467 June 1, 2019
Gretchen Zuiderveen Belmont MI United States 00545 June 19, 2019